Attachment – The Way of the Teddy Bear

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Is it really possible that our behaviour as adults is influenced by experiences that we had before we could walk, talk, or remember? Yep. An understanding of attachment processes helps us to make sense of how that could be.

This short film captures the insights being gained by audiences who have a chance to explore this information. Using the language of sabre tooth tigers & teddy bears provides a new way to think about the anxiety that young children feel on being separated from other people whom they love and trust. We humans carry the fear of rejection throughout our whole lives. Having a strong internal teddy bear helps us to comfort ourselves in the face of that fear — and in the face of a whole range of other stresses. At its core, that’s what attachment theory teaches us about: how to take care of ourselves in the midst of anxiety.

What’s exciting about this approach to Attachment Training is that it seems to leave many people with light bulb moments regarding behaviours of children in their lives, of other adults they know, and even of their own lives.