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All information sheets are free and downloadable.  You are welcome to use and distribute them as you wish.

Suzanne-Zuedyk-Brain Development

Brain Development

Why are humans born with flexible brains?

This information sheet describes how brains grow and especially the impact of relationships on neural pathways. It helps us realise that the way we adults treat our babies really matters – because we shape not just our children’s behaviour but also their brains.

Suzanne-Zeedyk-Innate Connection

Innate Connection

Do babies really come into the world already connected?

This information sheet explains how scientists know that that babies are born with brains primed for connection. Newborns are already able to communicate and eager to engage with other people. Such capacities lie at the core of humans’ social nature.



Why do human beings have a deep fear of disconnection?

This information sheet explains why babies have a biological drive for connection, and why being disconnected feels threatening to them.  The standard ideas of attachment theory are given new perspective through by using the metaphor of language of Sabre Tooth Tigers & Teddy Bears.

Suzanne-Zeedyk-The Economics of Early Years

The Economics of the Early Years

What is the economic case for investing in the early years?

This information sheet explores the economic benefits that come from investing money in the early years of life.  The evidence shows that the high rate of return that comes from investing in the period of life when brains are developing most rapidly.